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CompositesWorld Features ATC’s Innovative Thermoplastic Process

By December 13, 2021No Comments

ATC’s innovative thermoplastic manufacturing process was featured in CompositesWorld magazine. We recently hosted a tour of our purpose built Post Falls, ID facility for CompositesWorld, one of only a handful of thermoplastic manufacturing plants in the world.

Thermoplastic parts offer several benefits, especially to the aerospace industry including reduced:

  • Risk of galvanic corrosion from metal-on-composite contact
  • Part cost
  • Weight

ATC is one of the world’s leading experts on this technology. We have over two decades experience in rapid forming 3D parts, larger parts up to 25 feet in length, complex assemblies and CCM (continuous compression molding).

CCM is a relatively new process that allows combinations of a variety of fiber types, formats and resins to build laminates and profiles in a very consistent manner. From there, parts can be thermo-stamped or formed in one of ATC’s four-axis hydraulic press. Every part produced in this method adheres to strict aerospace standards including dimensional stability, porosity, and fiber volume fraction (FVF).

We currently manufacture ~80,000 aerospace parts per month, but work with a variety of OEM’s in various end-markets as a trusted parts supplier. Examples of parts we manufacture include: clips and brackets, stiffeners and channels, primary structure parts with tight tolerances, long beams and cross sections, and complex assemblies.

You can read the entire feature article include a plant-walk through here or contact ATC for additional information.