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Attending SAMPE or JEC World? So is ATC!

By April 11, 2023August 30th, 2023No Comments

The ATC team will be attending two different industry events during the month of April, and we would love to see you there!

First up is SAMPE in Seattle April 17th – 20th.

You can find us in booth Q18 Summit Exhibit Level, Halls 1-2, or attend one of the several talks we are presenting at. The team presenting includes:

  • T.C. Mixon: “Fabrication of Recycled Carbon Fiber” – Tuesday (4/18) at 1:00pm – Room 331
    • T.C. will present findings on optimizing the stamp forming process conditions for two recycled materials to achieve optimal surface results. By experimenting with process conditions including  part pressure, part temperature, dye temperature, time, pre-consolidated (CCM) vs. unconsolidated, etc. T.C. explores what processes result in the best quality surface for re-painting and long-term performance.
  • Rich Postera: “Influence of Material Form on Fabrication of Thermoplastic Composite Window Frame” – Tuesday at 4:30pm – Room 323
    • Rich’s talk presents findings on the accuracy of AniForm simulations of aircraft window frame material behavior predicting material performance during production. How accurately AniForm predicts wrinkling and fiber waviness (both internally and externally) for various material types? Find out at this session.
  • David Leach: “SAMPE’s Technical Committees State of Technology Highlights”  – Tuesday at 1:00pm – Room 333
    • This is a teaser session for the panel David is hosting on Wednesday – “The State of Thermoplastic Technology” from 3:30- 5:00pm in room 335. All of SAMPE’s technical committee’s will present top highlights at the Tuesday session, and you can attend the Wednesday panel for a more in-depth dive on the state of thermoplastic composites.

Then, we will be jetting off to France for JEC World

This time, you can locate us in the U.S. Pavilion at Hall 6, Q43b. At our booth, we can delve into specifics of:

    Which structures and parts can be made from thermoplastic composites
    What the detailed process of adopting this material looks like
    Productivity gains, weight, and cost savings you can expect when switching to TPC’s

You can also:

    Hold & inspect some of our sample parts
    Meet thermoplastic composites expert David Leach
    See videos of our purpose built, lean manufacturing facility and automated processes.

Hope to see you at one of the two events!