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Each success brings new challenges. ATC is pushing the limits of what is possible in the industrialization of leading edge thermoplastic parts to the aerospace industry.

Pioneering a new technology typically starts with perfecting on a small scale. Thermoplastic parts followed this evolution. Recognized for it strength and endurance, it remained cost prohibitive. To solve this, ATC optimized key manufacturing processes. First with small clips and brackets. Then more complex and load bearing applications.

Now ATC cost-effectively manufactures structural applications in size and scale not previously achieved. ATC is trailblazing what is possible with stamp forming and profile continuous compression molding thermoplastic parts manufacturing.

Clips & Brackets

Our parts started with small, light and durable Clips and Bracket composite structure for thin low load applications.


Progressing to Channels which are low to medium load connectors and local stiffeners optimizing UD tape strength and weight.

Structural Parts

Next, Structural Parts which have complex geometries with tight tolerances meeting stringent quality requirements for heavy loads.

Long Beams

Long Beams are structural long continuous beams with tailored layup ply orientations in a wide range of cross sections.


Some of the parts require attachment hardware for various applications.


Balanced and Robust 



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