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Employee Highlights

Celebrating Thermoplasty Award Winners

By September 6, 2023September 15th, 2023No Comments

At ATC, our workforce is extremely dedicated, and we love to highlight their exceptional accomplishments. One way we like to express gratitude to outstanding team members, is through our Thermoplasty Awards.

Inspired by the iconic “Dundies” from the TV show “The Office,” the ATC Thermoplasty Awards are our way of saying a big ‘Thank You’ to those who consistently go above and beyond. These awards are presented every couple of months to individuals who have displayed unwavering dedication to their jobs. Their enthusiastic performance has not gone unnoticed, and we so are proud to call them team members!

As we take a look at the Thermoplasty Award winners so far, you’ll get to see the faces of individuals who have made a significant impact within ATC.  We’ve also put together videos featuring some of our Thermoplasty Award winners. We want to give you a glimpse of their day-to-day responsibilities and show what makes them stand out in their respective roles.

We will continue to honor excellence through the Thermoplasty Awards. Make sure to stay tuned for new winners and updates!