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ATC Earns CompositesWorld 2024 “Top Shop” Distinction

By July 8, 2024No Comments

We are excited to announce that CompositesWorld has recognized ATC Manufacturing as a 2024 “Top Shop.”

Prior to 2024, we have been recognized as a Top Shop twice: once in 2019, the inaugural year of the awards, and once in 2020. In 2021, CompositesWorld (CW) also conducted a plant tour of our advanced facilities, showcasing the advantages of thermoplastic technology, and the specialized capabilities of our process. Brand Vice President Jeff Sloan wrote about the experience: “There are only a handful of fabricators throughout the world that specialize, and even more notably, excel in thermoplastic composites manufacturing. Among these, ATC Manufacturing stands out as one of the few companies that offers almost two decades of expertise”.   

What is a Top Shop?

Each year, CompositesWorld and Gardner Intelligence survey composite manufacturers around the world for their CompositesWorld Top Shops benchmarking program. The program aims to help manufacturers improve their business operations and define optimal practices within the industry. In addition to analyzing the capabilities and performance of participating manufacturing facilities, the survey also compares the performance of these facilities, resulting in the distinction of high-performing manufacturers as “Top Shops.” To learn more about what makes a Top Shop, visit this CW article.

Why Does ATC Participate?

According to CompositesWorld, “Composite fabricators that participate in the CW Top Shops benchmarking program receive a customized report showing how their responses compare to other facilities. This allows participants to better assess strengths and weaknesses, and to determine areas for future improvement”. In other words, we use CW’s data to gain valuable insights into our performance metrics, identifying our strengths and areas for improvement to better align with industry-leading standards. Furthermore, CW features distinguished Top Shop honorees in their magazine and on their website.

According to the 2024 benchmarking survey, the past several years have indicated that Top Shops received a higher percentage of “orders with material specifications compared to other shops”. In the last year however, Top Shops and other shops have converged within this trend, suggesting “increasing customer pressure and control within the industry”.

To see a more detailed comparison of Top Shop performance to other manufacturers, take a look at the CompositesWorld 2024 Top Shops benchmarking survey results here.

ATC is extremely grateful to be named as one of the 13 qualifying CW Top Shops, highlighting the industry-leading capabilities of thermoplastic composite manufacturing. This recognition underscores our commitment to advancing composite technology, and maintaining the highest standards of quality in our operations.

These distinctions would not be possible without the collaborative effort of our outstanding team, so we want to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey. We look forward to continuing to innovate and excel in composite manufacturing.