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The Future of Aerospace Structures is Thermoplastic Composites.

Let us show you why at JEC World.

  • 50% of commercial aircraft components are composites.  This will continue to increase as emissions and sustainability goals grow.
  • Thermoplastic Composites can be manufactured in 1/3- 1/5 of the time of other composites.
  • Cost is further reduced with thermoplastic composites because they can be recycled and scrap never goes to waste.
  • Galvanic corrosion and other common weaknesses of thermosets  are eliminated with TPC’s because of the fusion methods used to produce parts
  • Adoption of Thermoplastic Composites is quickly accelerating with a double digit CAGR from now – 2025. 

Thermoplastic Composites Are Superior

Meet with the ATC Team at JEC to Learn More

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We can help you understand:

  • Which structures and parts can be made from thermoplastic composites
  • What the detailed process of adopting this material looks like
  • Productivity gains, weight, and cost savings you can expect when switching to TPC’s

You can also:

Example of parts that can be made with thermoplastic composites

Already have a thermoplastic composites partner? You should still stop by!

  • Getting a second bid on TPC projects can only help control your costs
  • We offer a unique expertise on long-form structures, cost-effective mass production, and more
  • ATC pioneered some of the leading manufacturing techniques
  • We are one of the few independent thermoplastic composites provides in the world, which means we aren’t tied to a single supplier