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Manufacturing Matters: Honoring Idaho’s Industrial Strength this October

By October 27, 2023No Comments

October is Manufacturing Month! 

Manufacturing Month is a special time for our manufacturing facility in Idaho; a month dedicated to recognizing the pivotal role manufacturing plays in our state’s economy and its future. 

Why Manufacturing Matters:

Manufacturing fuels the economy! According to Idaho Commerce, manufacturing is a significant contributor to the state’s economy, accounting for a substantial portion of Idaho’s GDP (approximately $9.7 billion). Additionally, manufacturers are estimated to employ approximately 6% of Idaho’s workforce.

But, the success of manufacturing is not just about machinery and technology; it’s about skilled workers. Developing and maintaining a skilled workforce is crucial for the industry’s growth. The Idaho Workforce Development Council is actively working on creating effective talent pipelines, ensuring that Idaho remains a hub for manufacturing excellence.

Our Role in Influential Manufacturing 

At ATC Manufacturing, we play a critical role in the advancing manufacturing ecosystem. We specialize in thermoplastic composite manufacturing, producing sophisticated products that contribute to various industries, and pioneering the path towards more advanced technologies. We also take pride in being a part of the manufacturing industry in Idaho. By manufacturing locally, we contribute to the growth of the state’s economy and provide employment opportunities for our community.

We are proud partners with the Idaho Workforce Development Council to support the development of skilled manufacturing talent in our region. Their commitment to creating strong pipelines for our industry ensures a bright future for our company and our community.

In addition to our collaboration with the Idaho Workforce Development Council, we’re excited to be part of the Aerospace Tech Hub initiative. This program offers opportunities to introduce new skills, apprenticeships, and talent into the aerospace industry, further enhancing the technological landscape in our area.

Concluding Thoughts 

Manufacturing Month is not just an annual observance; it’s a celebration of our industry’s vital role in the local economy. We, as a thermoplastic composite manufacturing facility, are proud to contribute to the growth of Idaho and support the development of skilled manufacturing professionals. By collaborating with organizations like the Idaho Workforce Development Council and engaging with initiatives like the Aerospace Tech Hub, we’re committed to driving innovation and excellence in the manufacturing sector.

Happy Manufacturing Month!